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Mindful Business Decisions in the New Year

Implement 2020 business strategies now

Button Up 2019, Breakout 2020

When a new year comes and I get to put a rubber band around those old planner pages and put in my new, clean sheets, I cannot help but get excited about the changes I plan to make in this brand-new year.

You know what I am talking about—better organization, making time for the tasks I need to tend to for my business.  Don’t laugh, but I need a bookkeeper.  I absolutely love keeping everyone else’s books—but my own?

I tend to be the shoebox type, knowing I will end up in a flurry at tax time putting in all those receipts, balancing my checkbook, performing year-end adjustments only to find I am four months into a new year, and still don’t have that organization I had so hoped for on January 1.  The day I put those new planner sheets in my planner binder.

Why would I tell you this?  Why would I think you would want to have any faith in me as a bookkeeper, office assistant or any of the other hats I find myself wearing for my clients?  I tell you this because bookkeeping is my work.

My own bookkeeping is just like your bookkeeping.  So, I understand how growing and operating your business can leave you little time for the financial side of things.  I get it.

The true joy in my business comes from working with other entrepreneurs.   I like new challenges, and this automated world we are living in is everchanging. Software, when set up properly, gives insights into businesses quickly, often with bar charts and graphs for the visual folks.  There are so many apps that do a great job of integrating into software making data entry minimal, and some are very specialized for niche businesses.

So, why don’t I use some of these time-saving features myself?  I do. I have my favorites:  T-Sheets for time tracking and Mile IQ for mileage tracking.  I do not have enough expenses to warrant any other automation.

I like to point this out because I do not believe that every business can fit in a cookie-cutter bookkeeping package.

Some entrepreneurs are good with numbers and like to do their own books.  For these people, I find that a monthly or quarterly view of their books can help straighten out accounting or software problems before they become big.

For other business owners, the books are a nuisance.  The like to handwrite checks or pay bills online.  They like to have reports to show them how they are doing.  But they have an aversion to getting all that financial information in one place.

And some folks are so busy with their business, they have asked to have their price lists updated and sent to the printer, emails monitored, spreadsheets created, and calendars kept.

So, in this new year, if you are behind with your bookkeeping, pass off those data entry tasks to someone else.  Start this new year being more organized and having a plan for your business tasks so that you don’t have to marry your bookkeeper forever, but they can help you get the old year buttoned up so you can break out into the new year!!

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