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A little bit about me and my philosophy on bookkeeping

It is hard to believe, but I have been bookkeeping for 35 years.  Retail, service and construction industries have been the bulk of my clients.  I have enjoyed every client, and no two clients have been the same….as unique as each owner!

The world of bookkeeping is changing as automation is making it easier to do the daily, time consuming tasks.  For most small business owners, this automation allows them to effortlessly keep on top of their financial paperwork.  This is a time saver for bookkeepers as well!  But the financial software is just a mish-mash of computer code.  It requires proper setup and monitoring on a regular basis to allow business owners easy, accurate access to current financial status, projections and reports.  This is helpful when working with your bank, insurance company or other financial institutions. It also helps to make tax time a breeze.

I enjoy the nuts and bolts of bookkeeping, and while I am certified to do tax returns, I believe that my clients get the most value from both a knowledgeable bookkeeper and a qualified accountant.  I am a firm believer in some things are best left to the professionals.  CPA’s and EA’s are tax professionals.  It is always my recommendation to have your business taxes done by a tax professional.

Being a small business owner myself, I realize the challenges of trying to keep all the balls in the air.  I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I have a tremendous respect for those people brave enough to take a risk and go out on their own.  I have had success and I have faltered a time or two.  I believe my real-world experiences are what help me be a partner to my clients as well as their accountants.

Kim Baertsch